Clear Your Mind Of Can't & A Giveaway..

Woot!!! I did it you guys :) I officially lost my first 10 lbs!!
I am way over the moon for so many reasons! Some I can say, some I can't talk about just yet!
First of all it's amazing how much I've been shopping, ever since I started to lose inches and weight my closet has needed to be revamped and let me tell you it feels great to fit into pretty clothes again. I can now officially go shopping at Forever21 and wear a size Large and wear their jeans size 31 (which by the way are starting to also feel a little lose) Hubby and the bank are feeling the pain - Ha! But I am going crazy!! I need help!

Second, this flu actually turned into Bronchitis and I am now officially on antibiotics. For 7 days! Bleh, that means no exercise, lots of liquid and locking myself in a very steamed bathroom.
Hoping this goes away stat!

 It's official!! My mom, Miguelito and I will be in Mexico in less than 2 weeks :)
We will leave on Wednesday July 25th and come back either on August the 20th or the 23rd, we just bought a one way ticket for now. My mom will be coming back on the 31st of August with my dad who leaves for Mexico on the 17th of August.
I am very nervous and excited for many reasons. First I will be missing my hubby SO much, we will be away from him for almost a month. Second I will literally be gone from cyber world during my entire time in Mexico. The part of Mexico that I will be going to has no internet or WiFi - gulp!
I will miss my girls so much!!
More to come on my upcoming trip this week.

But now for a giveaway!!
Woot!! I must celebrate living a healthy and fit life :)
Giveaway will end on Friday July 27,2012, so that I can send out your goodies before I leave for my trip to Mexico.

Robot necklace, some bird earrings from, white flower ring, Sally Hansen salon effects butterfly design All-A-Flutter, and last but not least in honor of my upcoming trip to Mexico - a bracelet that I got from my Mexico trip 2yrs ago (it's brand new and never worn, we will be bracelet twins)

How To Enter Your Name In The Hat Of Chance:
1) You must be a follower of C'est La Vie - this blog,
and leave a comment saying that you are a follower.
1 Entry

Additional Entries:

1) Read my previous post here, regarding gross things do and let me know if you've perfected your snot rocket? - 1 Entry
2) Follow C'est La Vie The Blog on Facebook - 1 Entry

3) Follow C'est La Vie via Pinterest - 1 entry

4) Follow me via twitter - username Lovekarinap & tweet about this giveaway. Make sure to leave the link to your tweet - 1 entry

5) Follow me on Instagram - My username is Karypr - 1 Entry

That's a total of 6 entries my lovelys.
Make sure to leave a separate comment for each thing that you do!

This giveaway will close on the evening of Friday, July 27th.
 Miguelito will pick the winner on Friday night and
the winner will be announced Saturday morning :)

Good luck loves!!!

Kary xoxo


  1. I am a follower :)

    LOL, wipe my boogers on my shirt when playing soccer. nope, haven't aced that snot rocket! LOL

    Follow C'est La Vie The Blog on Facebook

    Follow C'est La Vie via Pinterest

  2. I hope you feel better soon Kary! I feel so happy for you and your weight loss :) hurray for shopping at Forever21!! I am sure that your trip to Mexico is a memorable one, enjoy it.

    In regards to your giveaway:
    Of course I follow C'est La Vie

    I know follow C'est La Vie on FB

    I follow you via pinterest too

    I also follow you via twitter :) and tweeted the giveaway

    Gosh i almost follow you everywhere don't I? I wish I could follow you to Mexico!

  3. Way to go, Kary!! I will be excited for your return from Mexico. I hope you get to take lots of pictures. :)

  4. Congratulations!!! I knew you could do it! What is your final goal weight?

    What an awesome give away. Obviously, I am a follower of your darling blog :)

    x Jasmine

  5. And I follow you on Instagram!


    PS. I follow you on Twitter too, but there's not point me tweeting about this giveaway because my account is friends only and everyone who can read it already follows this blog, haha.

  6. Ahh well done!! This is a great giveaway and how cute it would be to be bracelet twins. And I'm a follower of course. x