Half Crazy - More/Fitness Half Marathon Recap

4.14.13 Official Half Marathoner :)
My official time was 3hrs 08mins
I can't believe that it's already been a week that I crossed the finish line of my 1st Half Marathon.
The whole race felt so surreal. It seems like only yesterday I was crossing the finish line to my 1st race in years, or that I was telling you guys that I would be running my 1st half. 
4.14.13 More/Fitness Half Marathon
Now here I am one week later and feeling proud of myself for finishing this race. As I mentioned on my previous post I came down with the flu, two days before the race and it wasn't pretty. The race was on Sunday and Saturday was a crappy day, my body ached, I had a severe headache, a nasty cough and combine all that with my asthma! It wasn't pretty. My family wanted me to call it quits and I almost did, but I just couldn't. I trained myself physically and mentally for this race and I just couldn't give up.
Let's rewind to 24 hours before the big race. Due to safety reasons I had to stop drinking all medication and just drink acetamaphin, due to my throat hurting I really couldn't drink as much water as I needed to really be hydrated for the next, my appetite was bad but I had to force myself to eat something. My dad talked strategy with me and told me to walk as much as I needed with the cough and all my asthma was really agitated. It was a long night with me getting up every hour or so. But 5:30am came soon enough and before I knew it I was at the park and counting down the time for the race to start.
20mins before the race!
I was sick, nervous and scared that something would happen along the course. But I'd already put in my head that I was going to take it easy and stop whenever needed. I would not let my asthma get out of control. I was ready to get that race started and make my dream a reality! 
I was in one of the last starting corrals therefore I started 20 mins after the official time. The first loop around the park was easy and I really didn't feel the hills, anyone who's run around the park knows that those hills are no joke. I was even going faster than anticipated. My mom and munchkin were supposed to be there when I passed by to start my second loop but like they thought I'd be going slower they took a little bit longer to get there, and boy were they surprised when my dad told them that I'd already passed. Before I continue I must say that my dad was such a big part of this race. It meant the world to me to see him at mile 2, 5, 7 and later 10 (more on that in a few), he helped me finish this race! 
Every time my dad saw me go by he'd tell me to slow down - lol! 
Starting my second loop - around mile 7
This was the last time I got to see my dad till mile 10 and I remember his words: You got this, Chiquita! Your half way there! You got this!! 
I felt good and the flu wasn't acting up, I'd run to the point where I felt comfortable and made sure not to agitate my asthma. I would drink some water at every water station. Miles 1-7 went by fast. Miles 7-9 were also good, I knew I only had 4 miles left. I still felt like I had strength in my legs.
 Now mile 9.5 and on were another story. By the time I was finishing the last big hill my legs started feeling tired, my cough started acting up and my breathing was getting agitated. I started to walk at that point when the next thing I see is my papa right there next to me!! He'd left my stuff with my mom and munchkin and ran to look for me. I almost started crying when I saw him but I controlled myself because if I did I knew I'd lose it. I guess mile 10 is where you can say that I "hit" the wall. My legs were tired, I felt really thirsty and I had no more tissues. My dad stopped by one of the hot dog vendors and got me some napkins. He walked with me from mile 10 to 11 and all the time reassuring me that I was doing good, when I tried to look at my watch he'd stop me and tell me not to worry, it was crazy that I was even doing the race. That mile was a strong one with me wanting to cry every time my dad told me I had this race and that I was only a few miles away. He told me that my mom and munchkin would be at mile 11, at that point he would stay with them so they could walk to the finish line and from there I'd go on by myself again and finish the race. Seeing my mom and munchkin brought on another wave of tears that I had to fight back. We hugged, kissed, I said see ya later and continued to finish my race.
Mile 12 to 13 will never be forgotten. My mind was full of thoughts, I was doing it, I was finishing my 1st half. My training was paying off and I was making my dream a reality.
I was so happy and excited to see that finish line and my family cheer me on. 
It was really happening, this girl was completing her 1st half!!!

With my munchkin at the finish line :)
My personal cheerleaders and some of my biggest supporters! Husband had to work but he was with me in spirit.
I was a mess of tears once that finish line was crossed but those pictures are way too scary and they shall not be posted here for that reason. 

After the race we walked home where my sister and her family welcomed me with a congratulatory cake :)

With my niece! She's such a beautiful blessing :)
It was a great day of dreams coming true, family and lots of love.
I'm also very happy to report that I didn't wake up the next day feeling that sore and I was still able to walk up and down the stairs without pain. Monday was a normal day with lots of running around.
Woot!! I did it!!

So, my loves if I can do it, so can you! Go out there and make your dreams come true. 
Nobody can stop you, only you. 
It's going to be a year now in May that I officially started this journey of mines.
 and I've already come a long way. Never in my dreams did I think that I'd run a half marathon and finish it. I made that race mines and I am a proud half marathoner!! 
I know that if I wasn't sick I would have done under 3hrs but I can happily accept my finish line, because I owned that race and no one can ever take that away from!
Now which one will be my next one? :)
As of now I am official signed up to run the Oakley mini 10K which was my first race years ago! 
More on that later.
Now let's just pray that  don't get sick again!

Kary xoxo


  1. How awesome, congrats! I love the cake. :)

    1. Thank you, girl!! :) The cake was pretty yummy also!

  2. Great job and congratulations on your first half!! It's a tough course with all those hills in Central Park.

    1. Thank you, Christine! Oh, yes those hills were killer especially on that second loop.

  3. Congrats! This is so inspiring, and all the support your family gives you is amazing. :) You'll be running a whole marathon in no time!

    1. Thank you, Sandra! :)

      A marathon is in my future!

  4. Awesome! I love the fact that your papi was there to walk with you for support! Congratulations again, I am so happy you made your dreams come true!! xoxo

    1. Thank you, Claudia! He is amazing and that's why he's my hero!! :)


  5. What a great story I am in love with your dad I am not going to lie <3 <3 Congrats to you on fighting through and doing amazing!

    1. Awww.. Thank you, girl! He is my hero!! :) xo
      And thank your sweet comment!

  6. wohooo congrats!!! Definitely a tough day with being sick and you still did it!!

  7. Sooooo proud of you, Congratulations!!! Sorry that you were sick too, you are super tough for running with the flu.

    1. Thank you, Tasha! I was about to back out but I just couldn't. It was a great personal accomplishment and I just can't off cloud 9 :) Thank you for all the cheering and support!!


  8. I still can't get over the fact that you ran when you were so sick! So proud of you!

    You have to get picture two and five. They're priceless!

    x Jasmine

    1. Eeekk!! Me either :) But I did it, I did it!! :)

      The pictures are so expensive but I need some, right?? :)

      Thank you for always cheering me on!!