#AD Designer Whey Review

With so many protein powders, shake and bars out there it's always hard to pick out one that's right. That's why when I was given the chance to try out some Designer Whey products through FitFluential I was very excited.
Happy Mail Day
It was a very exciting mail day when this box of goodies was opened. The box contained Designer Whey bars, protein powder, protein 2GO drink mix, and protein shakes.
The first thing I did was hide the bars - ha! Seriously, if they were left out in the open my husband or munchkin would have eaten them in a second! It's happened before, and when I saw the flavors that I was sent - Triple chocolate crunch, Chocolate caramel crunch and Peanut butter crunch. I knew that couldn't happen, so into my secret drawer they went.

Second thing to do was open up the powder containers and take a quick whiff. Yes, a whiff. If upon smelling it I can smell other things aside from the flavor it says. That's it for me, big no-no.
I was not disappointed and so over the moon when I smelled the french vanilla and all I smelled was the french vanilla, and when I smelled the white chocolate it smelled like white chocolate. That was a big plus for me. Not only that but all of Designer Whey products are 97% lactose free and they also contain no gluten!! Yep, that makes for a very happy belly and girl! Oh and they are kid friendly and kid approved :)

Tropical Orange Protein 2GO 
As I trained for my 10K, I made sure to load my water bottle with some designer whey protein 2GO. Some days it was tropical orange, other days it was mixed berry. I also received some samples of the lemonade flavor but that one went to my dad. He used it while at the gym.
The flavor is very light but not bad with water, for some people it might be a little bland and in that case you can always mix it with some juice. I mixed the tropical orange with some orange juice and the double dose of flavor was good. I can be a bad eater sometimes and I really felt good after drinking some protein 2GO. Not only was it easy on my stomach but there was also no sugar overload.

Protein powder + yogurt = heaven
Now this combo right here was perfect for my munchkin after he came out from the hospital and losing 7lbs. It was so hard to find something that he could eat and really get some nutrients as his body went back to normal. So yogurt and protein powder it was.  He eat this everyday, once a day. We would combine the french vanilla with all kinds of flavored yogurts and munchkin really enjoyed it. Plus it helped with his protein intake! The white chocolate one went to husband and I, husband mixed his half with water and I mixed my half with strawberries, banana and some coconut milk. To make one awesome shake. Munchkin also enjoys. Yes, enjoys! After reviewing these products we went to our nearest GNC and restocked, oh and we also did this before our supply of samples were done. Yep!

Peanut Butter Crunch bar
Now, the bars were the hardest thing to part with. Not only because of the flavor but also because our local GNC doesn't carry them so we had to order these online. It was very hard waiting for them to arrive. All three flavors were a big hit in our house and these were also approved by munchkin.
We had to cut the bars in three equal parts that we could enjoy them together!

The protein shakes, were good because they already come prepared and you can just throw them in your gym bag or purse. They are really handy and the flavor is not to bad, it might be an acquired taste but you get used to it. Especially if you know it's good for you.

So, if you haven't tried Designer Whey you really should, not because I say so but because munchkin thinks you should and he really recommends them. Plus they have an array of products for whatever your little heart desires, whether your a bar girl, powder girl or shake kind of a girl.
You can read more information on there website here

Have you tried any protein supplements before? If yes, which ones?

Kary xoxo

Disclaimer: I received Designer Whey products as part of being a FitFluential Ambassador in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. So funny that you posted this. I've been on the market for a good after workout protein shake. Good to know and thanks for sharing!

    1. Happy this will help you. Designer Bars are really the best and lots of protein :)

  2. Your journey really is an inspiration, and what a perfect FitFluential ambassador! I know I'm not in the best of shape, and I don't have the healthiest diet, but posts like these really do inspire me to look into my own diet and excercise. It's why I love reading about your workouts, you're so upbeat and honest, like I said, an inspiration! :)

    1. Thank you so much love! It really does mean a lot to me! :)

      We don't need to diet to live a healthy life just everything in moderation! I mean come on, who can say no to a cupcake! Not me :)