#AD Designer Whey & Smari = Match Made In Heaven

Baby bump and I peeking at our Designer Whey goodies :)
It's not the first time I share with you guys my love for Designer Whey (you can check out my first review here) Thanks to my relationship with FitFluential I was sent these Designer Whey products to try for free. Not only that but I was also introduced to a yummy new yogurt - Smari!
Strawberry shake
Jellybean and I about to enjoy a yummy Designer Whey Bar
Now that I'm pregnant I'm always looking for healthy ways to get my protein and calcium intake, so this package couldn't have arrived at a better time. First of all the only thing that's hard for me is having to share with my boys- ha! I'm not greedy or anything of that sort, but the Designer Whey bars are just too yummy! If I leave the bars out my boys will eat them, so this time I used the prego card and told my husband not to touch them :) Jellybean and I needed them. I did share one bar with him and my munchkin but the rest were mines and Jellybeans. The protein 2GO is my husbands favorite and he always uses it before his morning runs. The shakes are a family must have. I get to do shakes for my boys and I. My munchkin loves taking protein shakes to school and that's the wonderful thing about Designer Whey, it's children friendly, 97% lactose free and contains no gluten :) 

I was sent vouchers to try out Smari and the moment I got my hands on this yogurt I knew I had to try  a yummy recipe. First I must apologize because I will not be posting pics, for now. Being pregnant means you can also become absent minded and I don't find my memory with the pictures of the yummy frozen pops we made :( I will continue to look for them because I know they are somewhere in my house, and as soon as I find them I will post the pics on a separate post :) I will leave you with the recipe because it's a must try in my opinion.

Smari is an icelandic yogurt that can't be found at just any supermarket, to find a location near you, you can check out their website here. It is offered in 4 flavors - Strawberry, Vanilla, Pure, and Blueberry. Smari is organic, gluten free and kosher. It is also high in protein and contains very little sugar. 
One thing you will notice when you get to try Smari is that it's consistency is very thick yet very creamy. It is a little bit more tart than your usual yogurt but you can always add on toppings such as granola, and fruit. My boys loved adding granola and cranberries. 
My munchkin loves yogurt pops and I thought it would be a great idea to combine Designer Whey protein and Smari to make a yogurt frozen pop.

Designer Whey/Smari pops:

1 scoops - Strawberry Designer Whey protein (or whatever flavor you wish to use)
3 - 6oz Strawberry Smari
1 cup soy milk
1 cup fresh strawberries cut up into small pieces
2 spoons of honey

Mix your ingredients together in a bowl, and put into a popsicle mold. Freeze overnight and you are done :)
My boys and Jellybean really enjoyed these pops and they are a new favorite in our house!

Have you tried Designer Whey or Smari?
If yes, what are your favorite flavors?

Kary xoxo

Disclaimer: I received Designer Whey products as part of being a FitFluentialAmbassador in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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