Battat perfect for all ages!

Disclosure: I was sent these toys for review and no other compensation was received. All words and opinions expressed are 100% my own.

I was so excited to work with Battat toys, who I got the opportunity to meet when I went to the HotToys14' event last month. Some of their products are the famous Li'l Woodzeez and Pucci Pups.
The toys we were sent to review was Daisy from the Our Generation line with the Thoroughbred Horse. B.Puzzled and a Beautifloor
These are just a few of their brands, and the age range is from Newborn to 10+

Jellybean was excited to see the Beautifloor, the colors are so bright.
Tiles that are bright and each one covered with an alphabet letter, perfect for learning and perfect for playing on the floor. The tiles are made up off thick foam like material, which makes them easy to clean, way better than a rug.
They seriously make the best play area a fun one. Baby girl loves playing in her new play area and it's  fun learning tool at the same time. She will definitely learn her ABC's in a fun way.
The Beautifloor is recommended for age 3-5 but it's really great for babies 8+ months and up in my opinion. It has helped us with baby girl and learning to walk. The tiles have good cushion that helps with falls here and there. Seriously a great investment for any play area.

The B.Puzzle are fun wooden blocks. 15 come in a pack and each side has a different image that when put together they make a puzzle :) You can either make the puzzle the way it's supposed to be or you can get creative and make up your own. Hours of fun!
Recommended age 18+ to 5 years 

The Our Generation Dolls are perfect for little girls who love dolls, and they are affordable ( very important especially during this holiday season). There is a great variation available, so you can pick out one that goes with your little one. You can check out the entire line of dolls here.
They are cute, sturdy and provide hours of fun. There is also a variation of accessories available. Y9u can even buy them there own little kitchen that comes with mini muffins and other mini food, how cute is that. My niece loved Daisy and her horse (Maverick) that's what she named the horse.
She will carry Daisy everywhere.
A fun thing you little girl can do is go to the Our Generation page and nominate a girl who they believe is making a difference. You must mail in the letter to Battat, and if the girls story is picked, she will be added to the website and she will be sent some amazing gifts.

Battat toys are great for everyone in the family. I love that the age is from Newborn and up, which means that you will find something for all the littles in your family. I have to admit that the best part is that they are affordable. An affordable toy that will not break the moment it slams to the ground.
Plus, they can all be found at my happy place!
So you know they are great and affordable.
Make sure to stop by your Target this holiday season an buy some Battat toys, you will not regret it :)

Are you familiar with Battat toys?

Kary xoxo

P.S. I've already bought an additional Beautifloor for another room in our apartment. It seriously has become a household staple!

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