Broken Toe Update #3

Today was my much awaited orthopedist appointment. I think I've already said that before, but this time it really was. Last time I went to the orthopedist, a little over a month ago (you can read what happened here) I was told that my toe was still broken. It had improved nothing and surgery was looking like a reality. So we scheduled a follow up for today and here we would find out if my toe had improved a little bit. To my relief and happy news it has improved a little bit, not enough to rule out surgery but enough to make me smile and give me hope. Running is still out of the question, my toe still swells up and hurts after a long day of a lot of movement which is normal and a part of the process. If the pain becomes unbearable then an immediate visit to the doctor it is.
But for now the next scheduled appointment is for June 16, 2016. That's when the toe should be completely healed, if not then there's no waiting or hoping for a fast recovery. Surgery it will, so please keep on praying for a speedy recovery and sending good vibes my way.

I have to say that I still did cry a little bit after I saw the orthopedist. I'm not sure if it was out of relief or why it was but some tears came out, this time I made sure to not hold it in and therefore avoiding a sure to happen meltdown one of these days. One thing that has been making me happy these past few weeks is that I've been able to workout and that has really helped me feel like my old self again.
 I do miss running with all my heart and can't wait to feel the pavement under my feet again.
In the meantime I'm enjoying the gym and kind of falling in love with working out indoors.

Kary xoxo

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  1. May you get well soon! Please dont be disappointed,soon you will be able to do all your chores by your own,until then please be happy.