World Science Festival Celebration at AMNH

A few days ago we got to celebrate the World Science Festival at American Museum of Natural History. The kids were eager to get up and get moving, even though it was a weekend. Everyone knows that the weekends are for sleeping in, except when a museum visit is involved.

The morning started with a special film called Backyard Wilderness, which we got to see in 3D and in the AMNH Imax theater. It was Valentina's first time at the Imax theater and she was a little bit worried about putting on the special 3D, which Miguel said looked like special sun glasses. After the film started and she realized that the picture looked blurry, she agreed to put them on and what an experience. She loved being able to see all the animals up close and even thought it was raining inside the Imax theater during one of the scenes. That for me was a memorable moments, one of many that were had that morning. I always feel so grateful that my kids get to attend these special events and learn so much. Valentina and Miguel got to learn about the importance of unplugging, and noticing all the nature that can be found right before your eyes. Since we don't have a back yard, we find it in Central Park or along the streets that we walk everyday. They also learned the importance of the life cycle and how important every single creature in this planet is.

After the film, we got to explore the grounds right outside of the museum and check out all the things that can be found in our own backyard. A real eye opener to my teen and little one, I loved them being able to enjoy all that our planet has to offer, and the beautiful reminder of what nature is.

After celebrating the World Science Festival, we decided to continue exploring the museum something that we hadn't done in a while. There were some areas that made Valentina a little bit scared but she got over it and ended up enjoying al the little dark corners of the museum. They even made me go into the under water part and helped me overcome my cetaphobia, only for a little bit though. 

An amazing morning spent with the kids!

Kary xoxo

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