Celebrating #JustAPlaydate One Year Birthday #JustABdayParty

Phew what a crazy past few months it's been, so crazy that I'm finally getting this blog post up.
JustAPlaydate turned one year this Summer, and what a year it's been. I'm not going to sugar coat it, it hasn't always been easy, from having to deal with family emergencies and planning our events at the same time, to running into last minute detail snags, but every single minute has been worth it.
It's been a year of learning and blessings. For our one year anniversary we thought a celebration was in order and we always try our best to align our themes with just the right sponsors.
So #JustABdayParty came about, we knew that we wanted to work with out favorite brands, not only because we love them and they've supported us throughout this very important year but also because they had products that would fit with a birthday celebration. After reading about them below, I'm sure that you will also agree and add some to your shopping cart, especially since the holiday seasons are right around the corner.

Slammers Snacks
As a parent one thing that I'm always making sure about, is having that snack that is yummy but also packed with nutrients or all those proteins that the kids don't like to eat.
That's where Slammers Snacks come in, not only are they yummy and perfect for on the go, but they are also healthy and full of protein. I love packing these in Valentinas lunch box or carrying them around in our backpack when we are running around. They were perfect for our #JustABdayParty at the park. The kids were able to grab and go run around non-stop.

Goliath Games
We are big on unplug play and that's where Goliath Games comes in. They've been a big part of our JustAPlaydate events and are always a perfect reminder of how fun unplug play can be. Our kid influencers got to play with some of Goliath Games latest games and loved all of them. The best part is that Goliath has something for all ages. The kids especially loved Gooey Louie, and Shark Bite. Something about picking play boogers and having a shark toy scare you, makes for fun unplug play.
We definitely recommend these games for game night with family or friends.

DIY Birthday Bath Bomb From Horizon Group USA
What's a celebration or party without some cake, especially if you can make it yourself. This time around each of the kids got to go home with their own DIY Birthday Bath Bomb from Horizon Group USA. This brand which is also one of our favorites, focuses on imagination and kids creativeness. Valentina loves bath bombs and it was great for her to be able to see the process t=and science that goes behind making your own bath bombs.
It's also perfect for unplug play.

 Piñata Fiesta Jakks Pacific
Mini piñatas that won't bop a child in the head and make for zero injuries is a win-win in my book.
How cute are these mini Piñata Fiesta from Jakks Pacific, not only do they all have their own personalities but they are also full of surprises that kids will love to find, as they pull the strings. They are colorful, fun and perfect for little hands.
With the holiday season around the corner, now is the time to stock up in these and fill those stockings, they also make greats gifts for classmates.
Make sure to read my post here telling you - 

All of the kids had a blast opening up their Piñata Fiesta, and even got to trade some of the surprises with each other, that's also some fun unplug play.

#JustABirthdayParty a day full of friends, unplug fun and some of our favorite brands, we couldn't have asked for more.

Looking forward to another rocking year!

Make sure to check out  Slammers Snacks, Goliath Games, Horizon Group USA and Jakks Pacific. They all have fun products that are perfect for this holiday season.

Kary xoxo

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