Outfit Post

So, I know I'm not a fashion blogger & I've never posted any sort of what I wore post, but I love the fact that I feel comfortable enough in my skin and body to dress in bright colors & to take full body pictures. So I will be trying to incorporate an outfit post once in a while! I have a very long way to go with poses and quality, but here I go! 

Shirt: Thrifted Pants: Forever21 Shoes: TOMS
I'm smiling like a giddy child because I'm holding a belated birthday present from my darling friend Alyssa.

Shirt: Thrifted Pants: Forever21 Shoes: Birkenstock - swag from FitBlogNYC
 Yes, my birthday banner is still up -ha! I love walking out of my house and seeing it :)

 I love using bright colors and being able to fit into Forever21 clothes! I also love to use patterned shirts with solid color pants!

Kary xoxo

 P.S. My giveaway is still up till Friday, you can enter here. Up for grabs are just a few of the goodies that I love!


  1. You look fabulous, girl!! xo

  2. You are looking AMAZING! And those coloured pants look so pretty on you. I think you are doing so well. x

  3. I love your style! Bright pants and a patterned top looks fabulous on you! :D

    x Jasmine