Seize the day because life is what you make it...

Happy Birthday to my lobster!

With my boys

With my parents and boys!
Today is my husband's birthday and he was off from work! Yay!! First time in many years.
We got to spend the day with my parents. It was a beautiful day for a walk trough the park, some brunch and a movie. The cake came later in the night. I'm eating some as I type :)

It was a perfect day with those closet to my heart and I think it could be one of my husbands best birthday ever!

Wishing my lobster the happiest of birthdays! May you be blessed with many more years so that we can be together! I love you my love!!

Kary xoxo

Psssttt... Ain't no rain stopping us!

It's been pouring the past few days here in NYC, which kind of sucks because you really can't go anywhere. Unless, Lego does an awesome exhibition in the middle of Times Square! Say what?!? Um, rain what rain! Just in case you haven't heard a new series called the Yoga Chronicles will be coming out in Cartoon Network and they made this AMAZING unveiling in NYC! They built a life size Star Wars X-wing fighter, and it was made out of 5 million lego pieces! This is only happening till tomorrow Saturday after that it will be taken over to LegoLand.
 Ahhh!! It was an amazing and fun experience and even though it was pouring munchkin and i had a blast, you will notice by our smiles that it was a fun Friday evening!

Warning - Picture Overload

Munchkin with Darth Vader

Munchkin got to build his own mini X-wing fighter and take it home  (free of charge)
Fun activities
Chewie and munchkin the best of friends!

May the force be with you! Or in my case talk to the hand.
Going to outer space and we be a little crazy!
Before we left we got to go inside the X-wing fighter and go into outer space.

This girl is truly blessed, it was great to spend my Friday evening with my munchkin :)

Hope your Friday was great!

Kary xoxo

What's Beautiful #IWill #WeGotThis

Feb 2009
There was a point in my life where I felt like all I could do was watch myself from the other side of a mirror. I felt trapped and I hated myself. Pictures of me were not allowed, I'd walk around with a smile on my face but on the inside I was crying. I hated everything about myself, even though I was surrounded by people that loved me. 
There was only one problem?!? 
I didn't love me!
It was stupid really because I missed out on a whole year of pictures with my son that I can not take back!

Society plasters everything with the so called "perfect women" image. All you see is skinny, full of makeup, full of surgery models and you think, ugh, what is wrong with me? Why can't I be that skinny,  or have those high cheek bones or that awesome body?!? The thing that we forget is that not everything you see is real! Those pictures are mostly airbrushed to where you don't see the cellulite or pimples on their foreheads. Sure you can have a rocking body if you work out hard but you can also have lots of beautiful curves and be beautiful, strong and athletic!

This girl right here has come a long way! I've already run my 1st half marathon. I remember telling you my readers about that goal in January and how i wanted to run a half marathon by the end of 2013 and guess what I did it this past April, I did it, because I got this! I can do anything I set my mind to.
 It's taken me a while to get to this point and everyday I learn something new towards being a better me.
That's why when I was asked  to be a part of Under Armour's What's Beautiful campaign with FitFluential  I couldn't say no! This campaign is meant to inspire women all around, by encouraging women to set goals and show the world what you will do to accomplish them! It's helping redefine the female athlete and showing that us some women are very empowering!
All you have to do is go to the What's Beautiful Campaign website, create a profile, join a team, start setting goals and show the world that you got this!

There are so many great teams to pick from, no matter what your goals are, there is something for everyone! I went back and fourth on setting up my own team and remembered how scary the beginning can be! Actually every thing is always scary an I remembered all the support that I've received throughout my journey from blog, twitter, facebook and Instagram friends and I thought  - We got this!
Together we can support each other every step of the way, each week I'm thinking I can put up a challenge. There might even be surprise challenges and every Sunday I will randomly pick someone from team #WeGotThis to win a prize. There will be nail polishes, rings, bracelets and even necklaces up for grabs. If you don't think that's enough, wait till you  hear this - with Under Armour you could even win a trip to Costa Rica!

This weeks challenge is to post a picture of something that you love about yourself!

I love my smile! It means I'm happy and that I love my life!
I'm blessed really! I have two feet that help me run and walk. Lungs that help me breath. Eyes that let me see the beautiful things that surround us. A nose to help me smell the flowers. Hands and arms to help me hug those I love. A heart that beats everyday and helps me keep moving.
A spirit that no one can ever take away!
This girl is set and nothing is stopping me from being the best that I can be!

#WeGotThis come join me and together we will show the world that ain't nobody got time for excuses and that we have the spirit to keep on going!!

Kary xoxo

#FitBlogNYC 13' Vlog Swag

OMG!! I was finally able to upload this freaking video that was supposed to go up on Friday! Ahhhhh!!!
It's very long, so I hope you don't get bored :)


You can read last years FitBlogNYC 2012 Recap :)

P.S. I was doing this video in a rush and you'd think I don't know my objects! Not a headband, a sweatband! And hair ties - duh!! 

Kary xoxo

One year later....

May 16, 2013
This happened today!! I was able to go to Fitness Magazines Meet & Tweet event again. 
I went last year for the first time and that's when everything changed for this girl!!
Can't wait to come back tomorrow with a recap, right now I'm so exhausted. With all of the excitement leading to today I didn't get much sleep last night and it was a busy, fun day :)

I will just say that it was amazing!!

Kary xoxo

Happy Mothers Day 2013

With our momma during her birthday in Sept 2012
Wishing my mom and new mommy - sister a very Happy Mother's Day!
I was blessed with a wonderful mom who has always sacrificed everything for us her children and everyday I pray in hopes of being a wonderful mom like my mom was to us!

Wishing all you rockstar moms a wonderful day!

Kary xoxo

Back to normal....Almost!

I can't believe that it's been a week that I posted this post here and today the nightmare is almost finally over. Yes, after getting home from the ER munchkin slept through the night, but now I'm sure that it was thanks to the meds, because once the clock hit 8am, munchkin was up and feeling sick. He was with the diarrhea and vomiting non-stop once again. They told us it was just a stomach infection at the hospital earlier so I waited but just watching my munchkin so sick once again was the last straw. By the time we went to the ER again Friday early morning, munchkin couldn't walk anymore, his heart was racing so fast and I was so worried! I thought I would break down right there. It was another morning full of more blood test, and stool testing, in which munchkin went through 3 IV bags, the doctor said her gut instinct told her that the right thing to do was hospitalize munchkin until he was good again.
My heart was hurting to see my child so sick.
My munchkin finally got his room at around 9:30pm. We finally got some news the next day when they told us he had Rotavirus. Finally an answer, he was able to get nausea medicine, and pain medication. He went through a total of 9 IV bags during his stay at the hospital and one very long one hour potassium transfer in which he cried during the entire time. He wanted to rip the needle out, it hurt so bad. Meanwhile all I could do was be stern and tell him that it was so he could go home that Sunday night! What I really wanted to do was take his place and make all the pain go away. 

Sunday night at around 8pm after being told he was going to be released from the hospital.
It's now Thursday and munchkin is finally going back to school. He is still dehydrated and not eating like normal. He's on a strict diet of bananas, white toast, dry rice, otherwise know as the BRAT diet but he's pain free and nausea free so that's a plus!
So my loves that's why I've been missing from this little corner here!
Before I say goodnight and get ready for tomorrow I want to say Thank you so much! I received so much love and support via twitter, facebook and Instagram! You all helped me pull through this very scary moment and I love you all so much! You are all truly amazing!

Kary xoxo

Hip Hip Booray!!!

The 1st day of May was supposed to be my comeback. I haven't gone for a run since my half marathon, that was two weeks ago. I was letting my body get over this flu completely. You must always listen to your body and mines was already itching for a  morning run.
Instead I spent the day at the ER with a very sick muchkin, it wasn't pretty. I was worried sick! 12 hours of non-stop vomiting and diarrhea, makes for one very worried momma and one very sick looking munchkin.
It was a long wait at the ER in which munchkin thought he would die of thirst, he wasn't allowed to drink any liquid since his stomach was rejecting everything. Once we finally got a room, he was given medicine for the vomiting and an IV for the dehydration. He was released from the hospital at midnight, and sent home with anti nausea medicine and antibiotics.
Today he is still feeling tired, still with nausea and diarrhea, which means my munchkin will be out of commission for a few more days.

I didn't get my morning run on and it looks like I won't be going back to run until next week, three weeks of no running is making me go cookoo!
But right now all this momma wants is to see her munchkin smiling and up and running again!
A mom is never at peace while her child is sick, yesterday all that made it's way into my stomach was a sugar free jello. I couldn't bare to eat, while watching my munchkin so sick.

Kary xoxo