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Calf Compression Sleeves Review - Tomoson Review

As runners one of the most sought out product are compression sleeves, with summer days on their way husband and I prefer calf sleeves instead of socks. It can get expensive, so we are always on the hunt for great priced, quality products. Humbe and I were very excited to try out these Calf compression sleeves sold by Fitness Foundations. Not only are they super affordable, but they come with great reflective technology and they are unisex.

Humbe was able to use them for Soccer on Sunday, and I was able to use them for running on Tuesday (after washing them by hand of course) My husband is greedy - lol.

Upcoming Races

This is what my racing schedule looks like and I'm so excited!

Only In Mommy's Arms

TGIF - It's the first time in a very long time that I am very happy that the week is finally over.

Being A Mom Runner Means Sacrifice

It can be hard finding me time, especially when you are a mom. It sometimes involves sacrifice. I don't mean the waking up early kind, or skipping lunch to get in a quick workout.

Procrastinate Much?!?

A day before the Taxes are done and I just came from getting my taxes done.

Ready Or Not!

#NYisWild Adventures await!

Spring is finally here and that means that adventures are ready to happen. We love going to the park and enjoying our city. Especially since New York City is home to some amazing sights and activities. 

#RBItGirl Rocksbox Monthly Subscription

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