It's the simple things in life...

“It's the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.”  
- Paulo Coelho

Enjoying yummy cupcakes :) from Sprinkles!
Shopping for cute gloves and stumbling on a butterfly ring that someone forgot! Now I have a new butterfly ring :)
Going to parent/teacher conferences and seeing Miguelitos art up in the hallway - first floor by the school entrance :)

Enjoying yummy goldfish shaped sandwiches :)
Finding yummy treats in my mailbox! I won these treats in a giveaway hosted by Sandy A La Mode :) and OMG! These are the best smores ever! I should know I've already purchased some for gifts!
Spending time with my Miguelito! My Miguelito makes me SO proud! When I look at him, tears well up in my eyes. Time goes by too fast but when I look at him I know everything will be ok! He is my strength!

 One of my favorite songs from my favorite English electronic band Ladytron:
This song is stuck in my head and I can NOT stop listening to it!

Do you have a favorite Ladytron song?

Kary xoxo


  1. Miguelito's artwork is so precious--no wonder you are proud! And my favorite Ladytron song is "Destroy Everything You Touch"--love it!

  2. you are holding a cupcake!!! for days I have been thinking its a cute toy camera in your profile pic :)
    that was a fun surprise!!

    goldfish shaped sandwiches?? AMAZING!!!

  3. Hopping over for Stalker Sunday. The gloves were a great find.

  4. How happy does Miguelito look (and you in the next picture?). I'm glad to hear things are well and wish you more fun shaped sandwiches soon!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  5. Saving your child's art is priceless ah Kary? Finders keepers, yay! you got yourself a new butterfly ring!

    Thank you for your words on my last post my sister is back home and luckily we all survived lol!

    By the way I love that picture of you two! Besitos my sister in NY!

  6. following you via the Super Stalker Sunday blog hop. :)


  7. Miguelito's art :) You must be proud of him.

    I adore your pretty butterfly ring. You know I love it. How awesome that you won those yummy looking treats.

    P.S. I loved The Hunger Games trailer. I did have tears. I've watched it many times since I saw it.

  8. love that quote and all the photos!

  9. ay Karina...perdona que no te he visitado hace tiempo, la verdad que estas ultimas semanas han sido unas de locura y aun siguen uff! pero bueno ahora estoy mas tranquila para poder visitarte mas ;) sabes? tengo las postales lista pero aun no las he mandado - que floja estoy!

    Que rico encontrar la felicidad en los hijos verdad? todo lo demas nunca lo puede alcanzar. Disfruta de el! crecen muy rapidos.

    Besitos, ojala no te has olvidado de mi? jaja :P

  10. You are SO cute in that top photo! How was the cupcake? Was it as delicious as it looks? :D

    x Jasmine