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Life lately....

It's been way too hot here in NYC! From enjoying a few days of Spring the weather literally jumped to Summer. When I say hot I mean humid, yuck, with humidity comes a lot of stickiness and we really don't go together. The only good thing is that I get to enjoy raspados (which means snow cones) 

The night before the last day of school! 
Where did this school year go?!? It went by way too fast!
But with Summer comes 2 months of enjoying my munchkin, and I'm so excited.
This will be an epic Summer!!

Kary xoxo

6 comments on "Life lately...."
  1. I miss having a summer vacation. Being an adult is so lame! :-)

  2. i need that snow cone right now. it's hot and so humid here too in the midwest. ugh!

    1. Yes!! Snow cones help with this ugly humidity! Buy a snow cone machine! :)

  3. That snow cone looks delicious! Yum!

    x Jasmine

    1. It was delicious! I love snow cones!! Seriously love!! :)


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