Seize the day because life is what you make it...

September 7th I will run for a cause

I will run for Breast Cancer survivors and those who breast cancer has taken away from us too soon!

When I worked in Curves I met a lady who battled breast cancer bravely and every time I saw her she inspired me to want to be a better me and thank God for all my blessings.

The month of August will be spent running during the mornings and meditating about life and all my blessings.

And the morning of September 7th I will run for all those who have lost their battle with cancer. 
I will run with heart!!

Have you done a Race For The Cure before?

Kary xoxo

#EAEvents Social Suite at BBNYC 2014

It's officially been two weeks since Blogger Bash NYC! Eepp, I can't believe it :(
Now I get to count down the days till the next BBNYC, is it 2015 already?!?
In the meantime I get to relive through pictures. One of the best parts of Blogger Bash was getting to attend the #EAEvents Social Suite. I got to meet some very cool brands.

Eye candy for my wrist, yes please!
We were the first see the new Miii jewelry by Joseph Nogucci. Just look at this bracelet, it's crafted out of semiprecious stone beads and gleaming rhodium plated magnets. What does that last part mean?
Well, that these bracelets are held together by magnets, you can pull them apart and wear them alone or together. When worn together they form a perfect stack. Like individual charms on a bracelet, each Miii helps commemorate a specific memory or milestone - love this idea!
I would wear them together all the time. My heart went thump thump and begged me not to take them off, but alas I had to.

Cover girl was also on site and provided us with sample lip glosses and services like manicures and mini makeups.
I was unable to get either service, it was so full and I kept using my phone so I was worried about messing up my nails. The manicures featured their new Cover Girl XL Gel collection polishes, I've been aching to try those out. I will just have to buy from the pharmacy. I did get a peak at some of the other girls nails and they look shiny and colorful! 
For their mini make overs they used products from their new line #instaGLAM collection which consists of - Ready Set Gorgeous Liquid Foundation, Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer, Ready Set Gorgeous Fresh Complexion Pressed Powder, and Colorlicious Lip Gloss, Bombshell Shine Shadow by LashBlast, truMAGIC, and Clump Crusher by LashBlast Mascara.
Even though I'm not a make up kind of girl I would have loved to try these products out, I like using a little mascara here and there and I heard that these were light on the face. Always good!
I did get to try a lip gloss, no picture because it's stashed somewhere in the bottom of my purse, under some diapers and baby fresh. I can tell you that I love it, it's not sticky or gory at all. It doesn't leave my lips feeling sticky which is a yay in my book. I hate sticky lips!

Yes, your eyes are not playing a trick on you. That's me, just hanging with my buddy Smokey Bear!
#EAEvents also focused on social good. Smokey Bear was on board to celebrate his 70th Birthday.
He posed with all us bloggers and even shared cake with us - yummy!
Help Smokey Bear pass along the message of wildfires.
Did you know that that nine out of ten wildfires are started by humans? 
Yes, you heard that right. So don't forget to help Smokey pass along the message
"Only YOU can prevent Wildfires"
Now go wish Smokey a Happy birthday by signing his birthday card 

Wash drops was on hand handing out samples. They are great for the environment, not only do you use one bucket of water but there is also no hose or rinse required to leave your car shiny. They are an award winning green car wash solution and perfect for school and non profit car wash fundraisers. 

Autotex was also on hand. They encouraged us bloggers to help "Wipe Out Breast Cancer". Eac time you purchase an AutoTex Pink Wipe Blader a donation is made to the National Breast Cancer Association. Autotex Pink wiper blades are available in pink or in black with a pink ribbon online at 

We also had the best time with the amazing Wubble Bubble Ball. I wanted to take a pic but I was having way too much fun :) The Wubble is a bubble ball that looks like a bubble but plays like a ball. They are available at Target nationwide and retail for $19.99
Stay tuned for a review on the Wubble coming soon to the blog!

#EAEvents Social Suite was so much fun. Full of all kinds of fun that will be relived until the next BBNYC!!

Kary xoxo

Sunny Day Sweepin' the Clouds away

Yes, made it to Sesame Street Place

Somebody was super excited to be at Sesame Street Place

Fun in the water with her vintage swimsuit

With my partners in crime

On my way to where the air is sweet!!
Sesame Street Place! Yes, we made it to Sesame Street, it was a little bit cloudy but the sun came out eventually. We had a blast, playing in the water and taking turns on the rides.
Plus, I got to take a pic with my number #1 fella from Sesame Street!!
Can you guess who?

I will be back with more pictures tomorrow, now I need to go to sleep. It's been a long day :)

Kary xoxo

Nintendo Heaven

July 19, 2014 - Nintendo Store Rockefeller Center
Last Saturday we got to attend a special Nintendo preview event, where we got to test out some of the games that were shown at E3 ( Electronic Entertainment Expo that just happened in Los Angeles) 
What does that mean? That we got to play with some Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS games that have yet to be released. Some will be released this Fall and some until 2015!!

It was Nintendo heaven for not only my son, but also for this Mario lover. Nintendo was my first game console as a child and I remember my dad teaching me how to play Super Mario Bros. 
It was a fun morning with my boys and Jellybean.

Pokemon Art Academy for Nintendo 3DS & 2DS 
To be released October 2014
This was one of the first games munchkin got to play with and being the artist that he is, he loved being able to learn how to draw. The great part is that it shows you step by step, so little ones can also draw their favorite Pokemon characters.

Kirby and The Rainbow Curse - Coming out in 2015
Rainbows and Kirby are a win-win. This game might secretly be on my wish list.

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker - Coming out this holiday season
Toad has his own game, how fun is that!

Jellybean sleeping while her big brother plays video games to his heart content

Playing Mario Party 10
You can play as Bowser and be a bad guy

A video game lovers heaven
Miguel was all smiles and he actually didn't mind getting up early for once.

Miguel with Lindsey at the Nintendo Store she was our guide during the 2 hour Nintendo Party.
She was the sweetest!

My boys after the Nintendo Party

Nintendo swag for Miguel and Jellybean. Not only were they in heaven with the cute stuffed animals but I was reliving being a child myself.

We loved every single video game and they are definitely all on our wish list. They are all family friendly, and theres a little bit of everything for the family. From the artist in your family to the adventurer in your family!
Make sure to keep your eyes open for these and more upcoming soon to be released games.

Do you have a favorite video game or character?


#TurtleTuesday #TMNTMOVIE

No, it's not Halloween BUT it is Turtle Tuesday! What does that mean?
That we are 2 weeks and 2 days away from the TMNT movie theater release!!

August 8, 2014 is the day!
This TMNT fan is super excited, I remember the 90's when I was younger and I got to see them on the big screen for the first time. Now I get to share this excitement with my son, he's already a fan of them and has been counting down the days ever since we heard about the release.
 I love that we can share this together as a family. 

The movie is rated PG-13 and takes place in my city :D NYC!!
It is for sure a must see family movie and I can't wait to see it.

In the meantime check out these following links and have fun:

Oh and don't forget to go TMNT yourself and show everyone how excited you are:

Who's your favorite TMNT? 
Mine will always be MichaelAngelo

Only 16 days left


Kary xoxo



Happy 34th Anniversary to my parents

Happy 34th Anniversary to my parents!
34 years ago they got married on a day like today.
They have been an example for me and have showed me that true love does exist.

Wishing the happy, beautiful couple many more wonderful years full of happiness & love!

Que viva el amor
May love live!!

Kary xoxo

Happy Birthday Dad!

My dad
Birthday Cake
Birthday boy blowing out the candles

Today my dad turned 57 years old and I couldn't be happier! I have been blessed with an amazing dad, who has always been there for me. My childhood was a  beautiful one and as i grew up I was able to really appreciate all the things my dad did for us and continues to do for us. He is one of my biggest supporters, he never misses a race, is a wonderful coach, friend and father. Thank you God for my dad. Wishing my daddy many more wonderful years full of happiness, love and health.

Feliz Cumpleanos Papi!!

Kary xoxo

Mommys can also have fun - #BBNYC

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!! Blogger Bash 2014 is finally here and I'm so excited.
Yes, I' going to miss my babies like crazy. Yes, I will be stressing like crazy over the fact that baby girl only breast feeds and she will be away from me, she hates drinking from the bottle, hates it. I pump and put breast milk in the bottles but she hates the plastic! So, tomorrow evening during Sweet Suite '14 half my brain will be somewhere else. But she has to eat, right? My guess is that if she doesn't want to drink from the bottle she will drink from them after 4 hours of mommy not being around and her not eating. Unless she goes on hunger strike until I get home.
Nonetheless, I am very excited to attend this conference, meet other mom bloggers, mingle with sponsors and have some much needed "me" time :D Does that make me sound greedy? or mean?
I hope it doesn't! I love my munchkin & jellybean so much but it will feel nice to just relax and have some adult fun :)

This is a two day event and I'M SOOOOO EXCITED!!

Will come back soon with details about #BBNYC in the meantime you can follow me on Instagram @runchiquitarun where I will post plenty of pictures!

Kary xoxo

Jellybean - 5 Months

I can't believe that baby girl is already 5 months. It was 5 months ago that I got to hold her in my arms for the first time, to snuggle with her and kiss her tiny little face. Baby girl has been a blessing in our life and we all love her so much. She is our little happy baby, who always wakes up smiling and laughing. She loves her breast milk and thats one of our special moments, breastfeeding her is such a special bond, I love watching her and her holding my hand. Baby girl is so active and we are sure that she will be an early walker like her big brother who walked by the time he was 9 months.

Valentina weighs 15lbs and is already 24 inches long :)

Loving every second of my life!

Kary xoxo

I need a Jogger Stroller

Oh, how I wish I had a jogging stroller! 
I love & hate kissing V's little cheeks before I leave the house for my morning runs. 
I can't stand to leave her, I know she stays in good hands (my mom or husband) but how I wish I could share with her my running.
I need a good, sturdy jogging stroller so she can come along!

Any suggestions?
Is there a jogging stroller that you use, love & reccomend?

Kary xoxo

This Lifestyle Suits Me

Jellybean has my nose

Love my baby girl

Baby kisses are the best!

These special moments are what life is all about. I wouldn't trade any single moment.  Thank you to my sister for capturing these stolen moments with my Jellybean!

Kary xoxo

Zara, I love you!!

Dear, New York?
Sneak Peak of some of munchkins picks
So.... I 've jumped on the Zara band wagon and I am obsessed!
Seriously, where have you been these past years?
I went a day before my birthday and bought stuff for munchkin and jellybean (not pictured here) and can I tell you that we fell in love with the store.
I had to go again and check out some stuff for me.

The story goes like this:
I do a lot of my shopping for baby girl on IG shops (the new trend) and I've been seeing this pineapple romper circling around. People are ISO (In Search Of) it. I thought oh how cute.
Last week I went to midtown Manhattan for an errand that I had to do and I happened to stumble upon a Zara. I went in but no luck, by this time I was obsessed with finding that pineapple romper.
After googling for more Zara locations and finding that there was another one but on the east side. The first thought that came to my mind was that I could run and finish my errand. Go pick my Jellybean up from my moms house and walk over to the east side Flagship Store.
Perfect idea, the weather was good and the exercise is always welcome.

That's exactly what happened. We went across Central Park and walked all the way to 52nd and 5th. Glorious site that Zara store was - lol!
It was big, cool and there was an elevator and there was a sale going on ( it's still going on right now)
I almost cried when looking through the racks and spying one lonely, hidden pineapple romper! There might have been a tiny scream come out of my mouth when I screamed to my mom "Look, what I found!!" It was a good shopping day, my wallet wasn't so happy BUT I was and that's all that matters ;)

Yes, this was all for V and I got even more stuff 2 days later when I went to the UWS store!
That's another story for another day ;)

Do you love Zara?

Kary xoxo

Happy 4th Of July

I could kiss her little face all day long!
Valentinas 1st 4th Of July

Happy 4th Of July from Jellybean and all of us!
Wishing you all a safe & happy 4th!
Enjoy loves ;)

Kary xoxo

Birthday Celebration - Celebrating 33

Birthday flowers from my dad

Baby girl all dressed up to celebrate my birthday

With my sister & brother

Baby girl in her vintage Sesame Street Dress :)

With the owners of my heart!

My birthday was amazing!! I got to spend it with those closest to my heart, only one missing was my husband. He worked all day ;( 
My sister brought the most A-M-A-Z-I-N-G cake ever!!
I love Rainbow Brite ;)

I loved every second of yesterday!
I wish I could celebrate my birthday everyday!!

Kary xoxo

33 - Happy Birthday To Me

I was born 33 years ago and I couldn't be happier!

I have been blessed with 33 beautiful years of life, I'm blessed with an amazing husband, my amazing son and my baby girl. I have the best support system which consists of my dad, mom, sister, brother, husband, son and daughter. I couldn't ask for more, except more years so that I can spend with those that are closest to my heart ;)

Dear 32,
You were a great year! I ran my 1st half marathon, and completed more races that I  never imagined I would. I met my baby girl, which was amazing! I also got to see my son graduate from Elementary School. You were great, thank you for being amazing and going down in the books as one of the best years of my life! You will not be forgotten!!
Now I welcome 33 with open hands ;)

Kary xoxo