#JustAPoopParty Recap And Three Tips To Help You Host The Party Of The Year

Disclosure:Thank you so much to all the brands who supported us and made this event possible. All words and opinions are 100% our own.

Who would think that playing with Poop could be fun?
Wait, let me explain. I promise you that it won't be messy, well not that messy that you will regret hosting one of the coolest parties of the year. Not only will you go down in the books as one cool parent, your guests are sure to have a blast.
Now make sure to continue reading, below I will share 3 tips that helped us host our last event of 2018, a fun #JustAPoopParty which I'm hoping will help you host the party of the year.

Everyone knows that the products used at a party or event will make a difference. For our poop party we had some of the hottest products that featured the star of our party, poop.
 Kids are all about the slime, unboxing, arts & crafts and most importantly food, and thanks to our amazing sponsors our kid influencers got to enjoy a little bit of everything.

That means that for Tip #1:
You want to make sure that you have some fun products that the kids can relate to and love to play with.
Here are two of the ones that our kid influencers got to check out.

Poopeez Stuck in the Poop Emoji slime - ha!

Yes, yes I know some parents just scrunched up their face at the thought of slime but I give you my word that the Emoji Poop slime is not that bad, it's not sticky when played with and has no odor. I can't say what will happen if it happens to fall on a couch or rug because Valentina always plays with it on a table. In my opinion it's one of the best slimes out there, the toys are easily taking out of it, because like mentioned before it's not sticky to the touch. I personally loved the Unicorn Poop version, and it's quite relaxing.

Valentina and I were personally excited to have Poopeez as a sponsor, we are all about the unboxing and had the Poopeez on our list for a while now, we knew that our kid influencers would love them also. It's really fun to see all the fun poop figures they have, and we are on the hunt for the unicorn one.

Tip #2
A fun craft that's perfect for kids of all ages, even pre-teens.
 For our poop party we decided that painting would be great.

KEWL KIDZ PAINT (Paint Party Company)
Kewl Kid Paint provided the canvases with the Poop Santa for us and the kids couldn't wait to get their brushes and start painting.

We loved watching all of our kid influencers use their imagination and artistic side to paint the most perfect poop santa. They definitely had a lot of fun.

TIP #3
Food, can be tricky especially when kids are picky eaters and there were a few in our group. One thing we were sure of was that the number one food that kids and parents always enjoy eating is pizza. So when Rays Pizza offered to sponsor us, we couldn't say no.

Can you believe that our party ended up enjoying three full pies?!
It's just that yummy, make sure to check them out when you are on the UWS.

By the end we are pooped out but smiling from ear to ear.

Our kid influencers got to enjoy time with friends and unplug for a little bit. We got to catch up and wish each other a happy holiday season.
The best part?!
The smiles on their faces, which motivate us as we plan our 2019 #JustAPlaydate events!

So if you live in the NYC area and have or know a kid influencer, make sure to register here for a future invite.

Kary xoxo

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