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Hmmm...It's still fall, right??

Hmm... It's Saturday October 29, 2011 - Halloween is on Monday and it's still fall! I'm not crazy right?
Quick note about those purple jeans that i'm wearing in the above picture! They didn't fit me before but with all the light jogging that I've been doing, they finally fit! Yay! Woooohooo! Just one of my many milestones to come :)
So...What is that white slushy stuff under our feet?? Snow.. snow.. it's snow I tell you!
Yesterdays forecast for today was snow but we just couldn't believe it! How many times have we been tricked by the weather forecast - Ha! But guess what, the trick was on us and it wasn't candy.
It was about 11:00am this morning when we took a peak out the window and "whoa" to our surprise all we could see were big fluffy snowflakes coming down. And thus began Miguelito's mission to try and convince mami to take him out and play in the snow, you must keep in mind that I've been running around like a loony all week and I just wanted to lazy around all day today and sleep in late, which I couldn't because out of all the days in the week Miguelito decided to get up at 7:00am today - why the nerve of my little boy :P 

All it took Miguleito to convince me and my handy dandy camera to go and let him play in the snow was an hour, an hour in which he stayed glued to the window with Manhattan watching the snow fall to the ground  and screaming "Mami look, look, at the snow, Mami run the snowflakes are bigger, mami *sigh* i want to touch the snow". I remembered how much I loved (I still do) snow and so we started to dress quickly just in case it stopped snowing! As we stepped out our building all i could do was gasp and laugh, the sight of New York in October covered with snow was just AMAZING! And it's one of the most beautiful sights ever, not to mention Central park covered in snow is just Beautiful!!

Miguelito in front of our building excited to be outside
Leaving his hand print on someones car.
One of Central Park many entrances.

Excited with his first snowball of this season.
Ha! The wind was throwing the snow to his face.
We had fun and froze a little as we walked down the street and s little bit into Central Park, it wasn't safe for us to go all the way into the park. Due to the fact that the trees are still so green and full of leaves and with the weight of the snow there were a lot of tree branches falling, making it very not safe to walk inside. It was lots of fun nonetheless! Now I can't stop thinking of how our Winter will be when it actually gets here - brrrrrrrr!!!! This is only the beginning!
Cheers to many nights of drinking hot chocolate or coffee and watching movies while I cuddle up with my boys :)

Now I will leave you with some of my pictures for my usual Sunday Snapshot post!

"The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event"

Kary xoxo

P.S. The temperature today was 35 degrees :P  How's the temperature where your at?


It's Thursday a day before Friday and I fell Bleh! It's raining and it's chilly outside, I have a huge headache and a lot of things on my mind! I am letting certain things and people get to me and other things that really need to get resolved A.S.A.P! I want to be a bitch and I can't, I want to be mean but I can't, I want to hit somebody - grrrrrrr!!! But instead I end up crying, which is something that I usually do when I'm frustrated - not good!! I wish I could let things slide off, that I wouldn't pay mind and act as if nothing ever happened. I'm really, really SAD!!!

  • A) My son is being bullied at school verbally, which is one of the worst kinds of damage! And what kind of bullying? He's being called names,one of them "Hey, you Mexican boy" That's bringing back so many horrible memories and it's leaving me feeling helpless! I went through many bumps in my life.I was called many things from Mexican girl to you latina or go and sell your oranges with your mama! Yes, oh and the most traumatizing event. That one time I was 13yrs old and I was on the bus with my 4yr old brother, 9yr old sister and mom. This older white couple got on the bus and they wanted to sit down. My brother and mom were sitting down and the couple started saying in English (they thought we didn't speak English) oh these Hispanic rude people, why don't they get that kid up so we can sit down and they started saying harsher words, when I told them to stop that I was understanding everything that they were saying. What happened next? well the man started hitting my leg with his briefcase and talking more about how rude we were. I suggested to my mom that we get off on the next stop and I remember how my little brother got off crying and my sister too. I was so red, i had to hold in my tears (as I type this I a crying my heart out) my mom didn't understand English and she had no real idea of what was being said, i only told her a little bit. And many more things happened as the years went by, and now that Miguelito is going through this I feel mad, the worst thing is the girl is Hispanic. Why is it that we do this to ourselves to each other?
    • B) Remember Miguelitos best friend Mason? I talked a lot about him and his family last year. Well guess what? His mom decided not to talk to me anymore. Why? Well Miguelito was having trouble with reading last year, so much so that I had to get him  a tutor. I decided for him not to have play-dates until he got better and she got mad that we weren't coming over to her house anymore. Really? She even screamed at me at there school about not being  a good friend because Miguelito wasn't coming over! I told her things that no one else knew and now she walks by me as if I don't exist! That hurts and I feel like slapping the crap out of her!!
This is just a short version of what is going on in my life right now and  wanted to let some of the steam out. Now I'm telling you girls some stuff I've never told anyone else before :)
I hope your Thursday and week is greater than mines!

Kary xoxo

13 People Your Scared Of On Facebook :P

Just a little Tuesday pick me up :)
A friend of mines sent me this via email and I was rolling in laughter, GQ did an article (in 2010) in which it talked about Eighteen people your scared of on Facebook. I picked the 13 that made me laugh the most!

    Have you ever been one of these? I know I have been - hehehe!
    Oh and I could also be "Girl that uses too many smiley faces" :P

    Karina xoxo

    P.S. You all rock!!! Thank you so much for your inspirational words, you girls motivate me every single morning when I'm feeling bleh! And I must confess, I did not get my 20 miles done last week :(
    But more on that tomorrow! Love ya!!!

    Always push yourself harder!

     "I always loved was something you could do by yourself, and under your own power. You could go in any direction, fast or slow as you wanted, fighting the wind if you felt like it, seeking out new sights just on the strength of your feet and the courage of your lungs."
    - Jesse Owens

    There's nothing like the feeling of euphoria that I feel every morning as my feet hit the pavement.
    I've never felt so powerful or this pumped. I am so high on energy that I am literally bouncing off the walls. 

    The past few weeks I've been power walking every other day around the Reservoir, meaning I was jotting down 11.5 miles every week. After three weeks I felt it was time to move it up a notch and push myself some more. I decided to start trotting around Central Park - which is not an easy task. Central Park is full of crazy twists and plenty of hills. 

    My goal for this week to jot down 20 miles or more in my workout journal. So far I've got 10 miles down, 5 miles on Monday and another 5 miles today. It's supposed to rain hard tomorrow so I won't be able to do my trot around Central Park tomorrow, but you better believe I will be back on Thursday and Friday :) I am a girl on a mission and on a roll!

    I almost forgot to mention that Karma has been on my side - I also found out today that I won two giveaways :) Eeeekkkk!! How's that for luck! Hmmmmmm... I wonder? Should I try my luck and play the lotto?? :)

    Now I leave you loves with another one of my workout songs. I usually finish with this one, there's nothing better than a pumping song to push me to the end :)
    Si Se Puede! Si Se Puede! I Can Do It! I Can Do It!

    "Ask yourself: 'Can I give more?'. The answer is usually: 'Yes'." 
    - Paul Tergat, Marathon runner
    Kary xoxo

    It's the simple things in life...

    I've been so busy and missing blog world tremendously. Here's a few of the things that I've been upto.

    ❤ Cheering on my Humbe as he runs in races
    We are counting down the days for him to run his third ING NYC Marathon
    Only 22 Days left

     ❤ Going Pumpkin hunting
    It's always so much fun trying to pick out the perfect pumpkin for carving and eating :)

    ❤ Colorful fun foods
    I've been trying to be creative with the way I present Miguelito's food so that he can eat. He is addicted to carrot & zucchini pasta, chicken & cilantro wontons from traders joe's, edamame, and hard boiled eggs. 

    ❤ Spending time with my mom & Miguelito
    My mom & Miguelito enjoying something sweet on a beautiful Autumn day in front of Bethesda fountain in Central Park
    Miguelito found a tree branch swing made just for him :)
    We've been enjoying the beautiful weather in Central Park almost every single day. From walking around with my mom to going through the park every afternoon after Taekwondo.

    ❤ Celebrating my brother's 21st Birthday this past Monday
    My sister Jessy and me with our brother Miguel (we call him JR) the birthday boy!
    Three generations of Miguels :)
    My family - they are my world!
    I love birthdays especially when it's someone so close to me like my baby brother. I remember carrying him on my hip during snowstorms so he wouldn't slip and now he's 21 and in love with his soulmate!

    ❤ Light jogging around the reservoir in Central Park
    My view every morning as I jog around the reservoir in Central Park
     I'm so happy to say that I am proud of myself because I am doing it! I am pushing myself every morning and as I finish my 3.5 miles every morning I feel alive, energized, and SEXY!!! Except in those above pictures where I'm wearing my workout clothes! I have a goal and you better believe me when I say that I will get there! Not only that but I am also training for my first race, more on that later and the music I like to listen to while I workout.
    Now to get ready for a fun filled weekend which will be full of soccer, street fairs,family, Central Park and we get to see an early premiere of Johnny English Reborn tomorrow morning. So for now I will leave you with one of my workout songs :) 

     I love Shakira and a little secret this song makes me stop mid stride to do a little hip moving myself :)
    Happy Friday Loves!

    Love, Kary xoxo

    Had The Time Of My Life........

    Peace! My sister (Jessy) and me :)
    Miguelito ready to rock!!!
    I can't believe that just a week ago we were counting down the hours to the Black Eyed Peas concert @ The Great Lawn in Central Park. To say that I had the time of my life is just an understatement. Not only was it an amazing night but it was so much fun! The night was full of lots of singing, dancing, jumping, and screaming, oh and lots of rain! It started pouring after the intermission and as people started to leave I took out our $1.00 ponchos - hahaha!! and the night just got better! 

    Jessy & Miguelito rocking at the Black Eyed Peas Concert
    Having the time of my life
    My Miguelito & Me :)

    I borrowed this video from Youtube, my video doesn't want to upload for some reason. But I must say that this is MY song - well not My song but OUR (Marz & ME ) song. When this song came on I had to call Marz so she could hear it and my screaming and singing :) This was one of the last songs to be sung and I almost burst into tears when it came on. It means so much to me and I was so happy to end with this song.

    So my lovely girls it was a most magical and amazing night that will not be forgotten soon, my Miguelito now carries a picture of himself at the concert and told me that one day he will bring his children to a concert at the Great Lawn and he will tell them of the day I took him to see The Black Eyed Peas in Central Park, you better believe I started crying! I love my Miguelito / little partner in crime!

    Happy Friday Loves!

    Kary xoxo

    I restore myself when I'm alone - Marilyn Monroe

     I finally did it!! 
    I went to the movie theaters on Tuesday (10 - 4-11) by myself. It only took me till I was 30yrs old to finally be brave enough and go sit down by myself in a dark theater and I have to say it was one of the best dates I've ever had, I even treated myself to some popcorn and sweets :) 

    It amazes me how hard it was for me to actually work up my nerve and make it to the theater by myself, I mean it's not like I don't go jogging or walking through Central Park by myself, I have eaten alone at little cafes and I walk by myself all the time. But as I sat in the movie theater and the lights started to dim I finally realized what the difference was? There were no cars zooming by, nobody running or walking along side, no people shoving or walking by me, it was just me by myself - of course there were a few other stragglers in the theater but with a lot of distance between us I really felt like I was there alone. Plus there was no time for me to think about anything or anyone but me, I won't lie in the beginning I felt a little bit bad, you see when I'm in the outside world my mind is racing with all sorts of things, What I have to organize? What I have to do? What I have to cook? and the list goes on and on... But as I sat in the movie theater I had no time to think about any of those things, it was time to get lost in a movie and laugh and cry and just enjoy not thinking about anything at all. It was 5 hours of mind clearing and you better believe I will be doing this again!

    Now, what movies did I watch? Yes! movies, I love to go into a theater and try and watch 2 movies if I can :) I ended up watching "I don't know how she does it" and "Crazy, Stupid, Love" (my second time watching Crazy, Stupid, Love). Jessica Sarah Parker amazing again, don't miss out on this funny and cute movie. I love how they show different perspectives about being a mom, and I must say I am hands down like Jessica - plus Pierce Bronan is hot in this movie. As for Crazy, Stupid, Love it was just as amazing like the first time I saw it, it just gets me in all kinds of different ways!

    So my darling friends have you girls ever been to the movie theater by yourself? If you have what did you think?

    Kary xoxo

    Today is D-Day!!

    Happy Sunday indeed :)
    I was so heartbroken after the True Blood season finale :( What was a girl to do? What could a girl watch on Sunday nights? But no more worries! 
    NYC oh so ready for Dexter!

    My sexy boyfriend

    Today is the season premiere of Dexter, my favorite sexiest, good - serial killer. Oh and not to mention my boyfriend! I am so excited and oh so ready! I have my shopping done for tonight's premiere, now all I need to be finished are my Dexter cupcakes :) Like I really need an excuse to whip up some pretty cupcakes.

    Only thing missing? A pretty Dexter t-shirt or some other sort of souvenir. I really wish I'd ordered something for tonight's premiere like my beautiful sister Micaela's Dexter shirt. I will now have to buy something ASAP for the rest of the season. The problem now? To not go overboard with the shopping. I've been on Etsy for the past hour and am so in love with everything Dexter related.

    Dexter Planner Datebook 2012 - Can somebody please buy me this?? :)

    Victim hand painted blood splatter high heel - perfect for a premiere night. I could wear them with my pj's and Dexter shirt :P

    So many awesome things, I want them all!!!
    My cupcakes are calling me and we are just 3 hours away from Dexter - yay!!
    Hope your D-Day has been awesome and your night is even better!

    Kary xoxo

    P.S. Can't wait to come back with details of some of the things we've been up to. I'm so happy to say I finally have my laptop again, after a one month stay at Geek Squad. More details to come.