Sacrament Of First Reconciliation

Minutes before his first confession
Today was the day Munchkin got to confess for the first time. He was nervous and anxious to go into that box and confess his sins. I reassured him that everything would be ok! To just make sure and be honest. So off he went to confess how he doesn't listen to his parents sometimes, saying a bad word here or there and not behaving 100% sometimes. 
Phew! That was easy was what he told me, as soon as he stepped out! His big smile of relief :)

Dear Munchkin, 
 You looked so relieved that I wanted to swoop you up in my arms and hug you. You are growing up way too fast and everyday I can't help but admire the wonderful little young man that you are becoming. Your smile always brings me joy and fills my heart with happiness. You are my life!
P.S. I hope your sins are always this innocent :)
Love, Your mommy!!

Are you ever nervous when time to confess?

Kary xoxo

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